Oral Health

Importantance of to maintaing good oral health

Maintaining good oral health is crucial as it helps you preserve your teeth. Proper oral hygiene, including brushing and flossing daily, significantly contributes to keeping your teeth healthier and longer.

What happens if we don't practice good oral hygiene?

If good oral hygiene is not maintained, harmful bacteria can accumulate in the mouth. This not only affects the supporting structures of our teeth but can also impact systemic health conditions like diabetes or high blood pressure, given the bacterial involvement.

Home Oral Hygiene Routine

A standard home oral hygiene routine should include brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing at least once. Consistency in this routine is vital for maintaining good oral health. If you miss flossing at night, compensate for it the first thing the next morning.

How often should one have a dental exam or cleaning?

It is recommended to have a dental exam or cleaning at least twice a year. This includes X-rays and teeth cleaning.

Dental hygiene appointments

A typical dental hygiene appointment, usually around 60 minutes, involves assessing the patient's oral health based on their condition. This assessment informs the type of education we provide. The session focuses on cleaning bacteria causing potential gingivitis and educating the patient on proper brushing and flossing techniques.

What can be done if there is discomfort during the appointment?

If a patient experiences discomfort during the appointment, we can use special topical creams to help alleviate it. I strongly encourage patients to communicate any discomfort they're feeling, as communication is key in these situations.

What causes teeth sensitivity and how can it be treated?

Teeth sensitivity can be caused by plaque buildup. Once the plaque is removed, it might lead to sensitivity. However, there are effective treatments available to address and prevent this issue.

How can one schedule an appointment with Green Dental?

To book an appointment with Green Dental, you can give us a call at (213) 381-3738.