Dental Exam

Why are regular dental checkups important?

Dental exams and cleanings are essential because they allow us to identify problems early. Early detection allows us to be as preventative as possible with our dentistry.

What does a dental exam include?

A dental exam includes a full set of x-rays, a wellness scan, which is an intraoral scan of your teeth, and photos that allow you to see your own teeth. The exam also includes a consultation with me to discuss any potential treatment you might need.

During the dental exam

During a dental exam, I am looking for any cavities you might have. Cavities can be small, which we can treat with fillings, or they might be larger, requiring discussions about root canals or even crowns if teeth are fractured. I'm also checking for good gum health.

Time needed for a dental exam

A full dental exam, if it's your first time in the office, typically takes about 60 minutes. This allows us time to take all the necessary x-rays and photos, and gives me enough time to thoroughly explain what you need.

Are dental exams painful?

Dental exams are not painful.

How can I schedule a dental exam at your office?

To schedule a dental exam here at the office, you can call us at (213) 381-3738, and one of my staff will be able to schedule an appointment for you.